Rotary 8 Clotheslines

Line space to accommodate approximately 4 front loading washing machine loads of wash
Holds King size sheets
Color = Forest Glade FD88000 (Green) or Ocean Breeze FD88001 (Blue)
Specially designed for durability and strength
Main assembly is constructed of powder-coated galvanized steel
Lines are sectioned individually for easy replacement
When not in use, can be folded umbrella-style or completely removed from ground socket (included)
When raised, will spin in the breeze
With arms open and latched, starting height is 5.6ft (3-2in spacers included for added height if desired)
Hand crank allows for lines to be raised an additional 16in
Holds the largest amount of clothes and linens, with a total line length of 190ft. (58m)
Weight of Clothesline 40lbs; Diameter of Rotary Post 2.25in

ITEMS INCLUDED WITH ROTARY 7: (1) Ground Socket and Cap, (3) 2″ Height Adjusting Spacer

Proceeds from your purchase support Project Laundry List.