Drying for Freedom House Parties

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A British documentary about America’s crazy laundry habits called Drying for Freedom will premiere on National Hanging Out Day 2011. Seventh Generation and Project Laundry List are teaming up to provide house party materials to people organizing screenings in their homes and communities.
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A conflict is raging in the US. Protests, political movements and murder have taken place in the name of an unlikely ideal: clotheslines.
Tens of millions of individuals across Northern America are banned from outdoor line drying by the very communities they live in, forcing them to turn to the dryer. Homeowners who break the rules are fined, sued and even foreclosed on. This ban is not only infringing on civil rights, it’s contributing to the environmental and energy crisis. The dryer is responsible for 6% of the average household’s energy bill and it costs the US an estimated $5 billion annually.
Corporate America has sold the dryer and the consumption of electricity as a status symbol, and now they have their eyes on a much bigger prize – the world.
Our future is hanging on the line.