Eye on the Line

Nothing affects whether you can hang out more than the weather. We would like radio and TV stations to adopt our “Eye on the Line” program when reporting on the weather.

We push for occasional or daily inclusion of a statement on the outdoor drying status. We also encourage bi-monthly educational stories on the benefits of hanging out, particularly to dispel the common misunderstanding that one cannot use a clothesline in the wintertime.

Committed Meteorologists

These meteorologists have committed to mentioning the drying conditions as part of their report.
Roger Hill
Dave Patrick

Thanks to the American Meteorological Society for their help in spreading the word to other meteorologists.

Image:Italian laundry.jpg

Is it a good day to dry in New York City?
Italy Hails Laundry Text Alerts

Featured Meteorologist

Roger Hill is an excellent, literate meteorologist from Vermont who has a forecasting and data service called Weathering Heights.

Roger has over 25 years of experience in forecasting the weather all over the country. He began his weather career in the US Army in Hawaii in 1973, then worked for the National Weather Service for over 10 years serving in Montana, the California Sierras, Cape Hatteras and upstate New York.

In 1986, he moved to Vermont and has since consulted for a variety of clients from the Vermont Symphony Orchestra to the Grateful Dead to Thunder Road (the Nation’s Site of Excitement!). Along with his accurate predictions, Roger is best known for explaining complicated weather phenomena in terms that anyone can understand.