10,000 Clothespins

We distribute small clothespins and clothespin necklaces as “ribbons” of our movement.

To get a small bag of miniature clothespins or a clothespin necklace, please send your order to Project Laundry List.

For a brief history of clothespins, see our Laundry History page or The Better Clothespin in American Heritage (Fall 2006, Volume 22, Issue 2).

Clothespin Manufacturers in the USA

There are no wooden clothespin manufacturers left in the United States. The last three manufacturers to close their doors were Penley (ME), Diamond-Forster (ME), and National Clothespin Company (VT).


This picture was given to Project Laundry List’s Executive Director by Vermont State Archivist Gregory Sanford in 2001. The photograph of nine men dressed in clothespins was taken in 1925. The men worked at Montpelier & Barre Light & Power. 

We received this touching note on August 23, 2013:

The men from Montpelier and Barre Light and Power pictured on your web site were well known to my mother. The man on the left is her father, Fremont Leslie Lovett, their general manager and the boss of all the other men in the picture. It was doubtless his idea to use clothespins to look like “Indians.” He was a fun loving man. I believe they would all be deceased as they would have been born in the 1885-1900 time frame.
My mom told me the name of one of the other men and I have it somewhere but I have forgotten it. He is the rather thin man fifth from the left. He was directly reporting to my grandfather. My granddad left MBLP in about 1931 and went to work for Orange and Rockland L&P in New York where he eventually was named president. He did very well for a country boy from Warren, VT. He is buried in the village cemetery there. He had a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Norwich.I have a pocket watch given to my granddad with and inscription “To Our Manager Fremont L. Lovett, December 25th 1925, MBL & P.” A nice Hamilton it is.I have attached a picture of the 1907 graduating class of Northfield, VT high school. Grandfather Lovett is seated second from left and my grandmother, Mabel Pillsbury, is standing, center, wearing a necklace.

Ann Morrill
Grove City, Ohio