EIA Changes Information Provided to Public

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As a result of Project Laundry List’s persistence, the EIA has once again modified the information that it provides to the public. Yesterday, the websites for children, policymakers, and teachers called Energy Explained and Energy Kids said:

Hydropower does not pollute the water or the air. However, hydropower facilities can have large environmental impacts by changing the environment and affecting land use, homes, and natural habitats in the dam area.”

Now they say:

“While hydropower generators do not produce emissions of air pollutants, hydropower dams, reservoirs, and the operation of generators can have large environmental impacts. Dams are often built for flood control and supply of water for cities and irrigation, as well as electricity generation. So besides the physical impacts of a dam and reservoir, the operation of the dam and use of the water can change the environment over a much wider area than that covered by a reservoir.”

While the re-write does not indicate that a Supreme Court case found that hydropower does discharge into waterways, making them susceptible to state regulation, the provision of misinformation has ceased. We congratulate the agency on its speed and responsiveness to well-researched and thoughtful comments from the public.