Hanging Out in Australia: Apparatus for Drying Clothes – Researchers in Australia sneak a look at early American rotary clothes hoists patents

by Cas Middlemas In Australia the use of rotary clothes hoists to dry laundry outdoors is so well-established that many consider this piece of backyard equipment a part of our cultural history, to the point that it has developed an iconic status. The clothes hoist was used in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games ceremony and […]

Hanging Out in England

Project Laundry has a monthly newsletter filled with information for those of us who prefer to hang laundry rather than use an electric dryer. Sign up for the newsletter to get your copy which, this month, includes this short article. Hanging Out In Britain A country that is notorious for damp cold weather and small […]

The 10.10.2010 Miraculous Clothesline Revival

When people here in the U.S. think of solar power, often the first thing that comes to mind is the costly and mysterious system of panels and batteries they imagine they’ll need to run standard household appliances and electronic gadgets. This misconception is convenient for the fossil fuel industry, which depends on our continued reliance […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: The Ezyline (a Pegless Laundry Line)

For me, hanging out my laundry isn’t just practical—it’s emotional. My posts were dug and my lines tied by my dad, my pegs were taken from my grandmother’s old line on the family farm, and my peg bag was lovingly hand-sewn by my mother. But for those who don’t have those emotional attachments, there are […]

Yes you can dry outside when you have snow!

This has been something that intrigued me for a long time. I had memories of frozen items coming in from the washing line, and, after ironing, were ‘aired’ on a rack or radiator. So I have been experimenting with the idea. The first time was a set of sheets that I put outside. It was […]

Drying in Winter

For some reason I have always dried things outside in clear weather but never thought about doing it inside. The idea of damp laundry all over the house, was not appealing. In Georgia for the most part I could dry outside all year round anyway so that was not an issue. Then we moved back […]

A Valentine for Your Clothesline

Show us your clothesline love! In honor of Valentine’s Day, write us and let us know why you love to hang out! Submissions will be featured on our web page and in our newsletter, Hangin’ Out! Please email your submission (and a photo of you with your clothesline would be great!) to skitts@laundrylist.org by January […]

A Time for Reflection

Thank you. This is a time of reflection for me. I know that I will not be done with this work tomorrow or on Monday. It is my Life Work, the title of a lovely short book by Donald Hall, the former poet laureate of the United States who lives in New Hampshire. Nevertheless, as […]

Follow the Waking Green Dragon

As many of you know, I will be leaving my post as Executive Director for Project Laundry List on Dec. 31, traveling to Changchun, Jilin Province, CHINA in February, and taking up as a teacher of English. If you wish to follow my travels, please visit www.waking-green-dragon.com and sign up for updates. I will be […]


hydro-Power for the liquidated Yes, he thinks he needs more power. Like Ponce de Leon he keeps prancing on. First West and now North. Where next? When the Cree first told him, “There is power in the river,” Their trouble soon began. First he built a highway and then… A great, big hydro-electric dam. New […]