DOE Issues Test Procedures Guidance

The Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a draft guidance concerning test procedures for residential clothes washers, clothes dryers, and dishwashers. This is a draft document and does not represent a definitive view of the agency on the questions addressed

Resolution for Legalizing Air Drying Laundry Throughout California passes

Laura Shafer, the sponsor of this resolution reports, “I got the good news that this resolution was passed at the California State Grange convention in San Luis Obispo last week.  Now I can work on my reps to champion the cause with the Grange lobbyists behind me.” Laura is a former Project Laundry List board […]

Time for A New Protocol

by Alexander Lee One can make a rational argument that we may not have yet built enough nuclear power plants and weapons to guarantee the inevitability of nuclear winter. It is, at least, plausible, if incautious and hubristic, to think that humanity will be able to avoid a future Hiroshima or Fukishima, though we are […]

Our New Washboard

After more than two years of unplanned obsolescence, Project Laundry List has gone through a dizzying reorganization…and we are back in the game. There are now eight people on our board of directors. James Thaxton is Project Laundry List’s longest serving director. He is the Treasurer and head of the Finance Committee. He works at […]

A petition to President Obama, The First Family, and White House housekeeper

  According to the EIA six percent of residential electricity consumption is due to the tumble dryer, but this does not account for the 18% of people who dry with gas nor the huge number of people who go to Laundromats or shared laundry areas (commercial) nor the millions of pounds of laundry done by […]

Laundry is a Big Deal!

Dear Supporter, For some years, I have been trying to squeeze out a book on Project Laundry List and the “right to dry” movement. It will, if the editors permit, start with a parable about the time when I appeared in Bill McKibben’s office and was offered a Hershey’s Kiss from a half-finished bag on […]


Featured Product: EKLIPSE Charley Earley initially conceived EKLIPSE in 1997 in Europe, where hanging laundry out to dry is widely practiced, since it extends fabric life, burdens our environment less, provides access to fresh air and, frankly speaking, saves money. EKLIPSE is now available in assorted colors, by the baker’s dozen, for under $10 plus […]

EIA Changes Information Provided to Public

As a result of Project Laundry List’s persistence, the EIA has once again modified the information that it provides to the public. Yesterday, the websites for children, policymakers, and teachers called Energy Explained and Energy Kids said: “Hydropower does not pollute the water or the air. However, hydropower facilities can have large environmental impacts by […]