The Place of Beauty

One of the things that we like to do at Project Laundry List is share great academic work that advances our mission.

Grüß Gott!

Sent on July 22, 2010 (the Feast of Lidane), from Olyphant, PA, and received some time shortly thereafter by me in Concord, NH, is a lovely letter from a woman who calls herself Caroline of Assisi.

Anne E. Lawrence, Ann Arbor, MI

Since retiring in 2009, Anne has been offering presentations around the Ann Arbor, Michigan community, called “The Love, Lure, and Lore of the Clothesline”.

America’s most unpopular way of saving energy…is one of Europe’s favorites

By Barry Fischer and Nate Kaufman | July 31, 2013 Last week, we drew upon 2.7 million survey responses in Opower’s energy data storehouse to reveal America’s most popular ways to lower household utility bills in summer. Popularity is, of course, a contest. And while every contest has its winners, it also has its losers. […]

Time for A New Protocol

by Alexander Lee One can make a rational argument that we may not have yet built enough nuclear power plants and weapons to guarantee the inevitability of nuclear winter. It is, at least, plausible, if incautious and hubristic, to think that humanity will be able to avoid a future Hiroshima or Fukishima, though we are […]

Our New Washboard

After more than two years of unplanned obsolescence, Project Laundry List has gone through a dizzying reorganization…and we are back in the game. There are now eight people on our board of directors. James Thaxton is Project Laundry List’s longest serving director. He is the Treasurer and head of the Finance Committee. He works at […]