Resolution for Legalizing Air Drying Laundry Throughout California passes

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Laura Shafer, the sponsor of this resolution reports, “I got the good news that this resolution was passed at the California State Grange convention in San Luis Obispo last week.  Now I can work on my reps to champion the cause with the Grange lobbyists behind me.” Laura is a former Project Laundry List board member and clothesline advocate from Sebastopol, CA.

Resolution for Legalizing Air Drying Laundry Throughout California
Sebastopol Grange 306

Whereas: The State Grange of California is dedicated to finding solutions to climate change and helping steward our environment: and

Whereas: The clothesline is an easy and cost effective way to bring down energy use and lower the carbon footprint of the individual household; and

Whereas: Many HOA (Home Owner Associations) and other private property regulations prohibit the use of clotheslines to Californians as an option for drying laundry. Therefore let it be

Resolved: The State Grange will lobby the State of California to create and pass legislation to over-rule all clothesline prohibitions in place historically and replace them with conditional use provisions if desired by the neighborhoods.

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