Laura Shafer

Deputy Spokeslaundress

Laura Shafer is a native of Southern California, educated in Art History, and a practicing massage therapist. Her 20 + year laundry photography project bloomed into clothesline activism in 2007, when she connected with Project Laundry List. She serves as an advocate for outdoor drying in the media and works neighbor to neighbor installing clotheslines. She is active in Sonoma County, CA where she lives with her husband and two teens.

Arun Pillai

Grassroots Web Volunteer

Arun Pillai is an IT Security Consultant based in Singapore. After graduating from Sikkim Manipal University of Science and Technology, he worked as a web developer and performance engineer in India for seven years before moving to Singapore. His charity initiatives started during his time as an undergraduate at Amrita University. Arun helps nonprofits with website building and information technology support and is eager to share his skills. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, reading books, jogging, and practicing yoga and kriya.


Kathleen Dombek-Keith

Calculator Developer

Kathleen Dombek-Keith earned her MA in Apparel Design at Cornell University. Her thesis “Re-Fashioning the Future: Eco-friendly Apparel Design” offered several design solutions for reducing the environmental impact of clothing including raising public awareness of how clothing care greatly contributes to that impact and ways they can change their own care behaviors to reduce resource use.

Donna Birkholz


Donna Birkholz comes from an unbroken line of clothesline users, and credits her mother, grandmother, and uncle for each teaching her their own particular ideas for proper laundry hanging. She lives in Wyoming with her husband, Paul and two daughters (who are currently line-drying apprentices). She and her family work to live more sustainable lives and she believes that line-drying is a crucial component of that mission, with the bonus of also being a relaxing, enjoyable activity. She has fond memories of dodging between sheets, rushing to bring the laundry in before thunderstorms hit, and of deep conversations with her siblings, mother, or grandmother while pinning laundry together. She looks forward to her daughters making similar memories.

Kristen Myers

Razzle-Zazzle Gyrl

Kristen Myers is a born-and-raised Kansan with a heart for nostalgia. She enjoys sewing, crafting, thrift store shopping, gardening and cooking. Perhaps that explains why she loves the smell of laundry warm off the clothesline so much!

Marian Dioguardi

Facebook Manager

Accomplished artist, former board member, and frequent traveler to Italy, where, at last check, only 5% of people owned a dryer.