Who We Are

Project Laundry List was founded in 1995 when Dr. Helen Caldicott gave a speech at a Middlebury College symposium in which she said, “If we all did things like hang out our clothes, we could shut down the nuclear industry.”

The Early Days

In the Spring of 1996, our founder and former director, Alexander Lee, took this concept and, while attending Green Corps’ undergraduate Environmental Organizing Semester in Missoula, MT, wrote the first strategic plan for Project Laundry List under the instruction of C.B. Pearson.

Growing Up

Project Laundry List grew into a separate project and was incorporated and sought its nonprofit status in 2000. Senator Dick McCormack of Vermont introduced the Right to Dry bill in Vermont in 1998. The first National Hanging Out Day was also held that year.

The Roiling Green Movement

Since April 2007, Project Laundry List has enjoyed unprecedented media attention as the central organizing force of the “right to dry” movement. Articles discussing this critical role have appeared eight times in the New York Times and its blogs, twice on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, in USA Today, The Boston Globe, Time, Reuters (most emailed on Yahoo! for several hours), the Associated Press, The Baltimore Sun, Home Power Magazine, and over a hundred other local and international newspapers and news agencies.

The Right to Air-Dry Laundry

In 2008 and 2009, passage of “right to dry” legislation in Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, and Vermont, together with legislative efforts on this front in Connecticut, Oregon, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Nebraska, and New Hampshire, were largely attributed to Project Laundry List’s ongoing efforts. Since the 1970s, Florida has had a solar rights law that protects most property-owners from the intrusions of community associations.

Recent Partnerships

In 2009, Project Laundry List forged partnerships with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Seventh Generation and the Vermont Country Store, continuing its relationship with Real Green Goods of Concord, NH. Project Laundry List also became an active member of The CLEAN, a national coalition of environmental organizations.