Board of Directors

Kary Schumpert

Vice-Chairwoman and Secretary

Environmental educator, compost enthusiast, and writer who lives in Colorado and dreams of New Mexico.

James Thaxton


Congregational church leader, land conservationist, and attorney from the borderlands of the two New England states that claim Robert Frost.

John Beeson

Architect and outdoor enthusiast who loves to hang out in the Midwest.

Christopher Middings

Leading expert on Google AdWords and home school supervisor, who recently left the shores of Lake Champlain for the farmlands of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Soychak

Elizabeth Soychak is a singer and activist living in New York City. She is best known as The Lady in the Green Dress from the Highline Park Renegade Cabaret, where hanging laundry graced the fire escape from which she performed.

Connor Zhu

Student at one of NE China’s top high schools, Model UN participant with incredible leadership skills.