Our Mission

Project Laundry List is making air-drying and cold-water washing laundry acceptable and desirable as simple and effective ways to save energy.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where in ten years:

  • there is more time for vacation and leisure
  • there is a decline in obesity and depression because people employ their bodies and hands in useful, healthy ways
  • quality of life, not gross domestic product, is the primary measure of our economy
  • adequate steps have been taken by individuals and organizations to mitigate and adapt to global weirding (aka climate change or global warming)
  • no nation consumes natural resources and energy wildly disproportionate to its population
  • notions of sufficiency and frugality drive consumer decisions and energy policy
  • renewable, sustainable energy sources are predominant
  • people evaluate choices with local community in mind
  • hanging laundry will be commonplace throughout the world.
  • clotheslines will be considered beautiful.
  • homes and communities will be self-sufficient.
  • the 1950s myth that appliances can free us from the drudgery of housework will be dead.
  • developing nations have avoided wide adoption of nonessential household appliances.
  • there will be dramatic reductions in the use of fossil/nonrenewable power.
  • community associations will be democratic with residents more fully engaged in their governance.
  • our communities will be healthy and clean.

Core Values & Beliefs

It is our conviction that:

  • it is not enough to define a problem and offer no solutions.
  • our consumption patterns create the demand for electricity.
  • the generation of nuclear power is an inefficient energy source producing an abundance of hazardous waste of which we cannot safely dispose.
  • no culture or community should be destroyed by a hydroelectric facility or any other monolithic corporate project.
  • the sun and the winds it creates are the most powerful source of energy and can serve many purposes—none of which should be ignored.
  • all citizens world-wide should have the legal right to hang out their laundry.
  • frugality, or thrift, needs to be a universally practiced virtue.
  • North Americans, as all people, must lead by example.